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SquareTex Presents...

Epic Tales and Other Musical Ramblings

SquareTex here! I've decided that because there's much more space here besides just my Dragon Quest Tribute, that I'm gonna put other music up here as well! So here we go:

Cover Tunes NEW!!!
My takes on other people's material, for better or worse... ;) UPDATE - 5/03/2006

A Tribute to the Music of Dragon Quest - The original purpose of Epic Tales: to put my musical sketches inspired by Koichi Sugiyama's sterling work.
Mr. Foo Original Soundtrack - My musical work for Kusader the game designer.
Trinity Original Soundtrack - ANOTHER new musical project! Am I crazy or what?!?
BackTracking the Beach Boys - my MIDI take on Beach Boys material.
And of course, there's always the site that started it all: SquareTex Arising. Here's where you'll find out all about ME...and even MORE MIDI music!

Sit back, turn up your speakers, and enjoy!

Hmmm...I've had visitors drop in?

GUESTBOOK   ALERT!!! That's right,, I mean, FRIENDS! I've finally hooked up my own guestbook!

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