Mr. Foo Original Soundtrack

Here we go with yet ANOTHER SquareTex soundtrack. Mr. Foo is being developed by a fellow by the name of Kusader, and it is supposed to be a satirical look at everything wrong with capitalism. As this game has a rather cartoony feel to it, so will the music. This batch of tunes is relatvely less produced than my other work, but still has some spirit to it. :)

This is the music for the village Mr. Foo is from, and may be used for some other towns as well. A goofy exercise in xylophone, flute, and piano.

Bouncin' Along in the Fields
A nice little shuffling world theme. Features a saxophone melody and a great little bass line.

Let's Fight!
It's an RPG, so it's gonna have battles! Has some kick to it, but then again, how many battle tunes have marimbas? :)

I Won!!!
Your traditional fanfare for winning the battles. Rather simple, and features some cool steel drums.

I Lost...
Yep, getting whupped happens quite a bit in RPGs, also. So this grim little piece covers that. Unlike the rest, this is supposed to be a non-looping track.

Dark, Isn't It?
A cinematic piece for trekking around in caves. More atmospheric than melodic.

That's a BIG Monster!!!
BOSS MUSIC!!! YEAH!!! This one is a hard rocker, with a screaming lead. It's pretty much in the same spirit as Clashing Blades from COTA. Enjoy!

Big City Swing
The main riff this is built came to me a while back, but I wasn't able to fund a use for it until Kusader asked for a big-city theme. Kinda has an old-fashioned feel to it. One of my faves so far... :)

And that's where I'm at right now. More to come as Kusader needs it!

This music is (c) 1998 by Kusader. It is displayed here for previewing and listening purposes only.